3 Ways To Still Use DVD Players In Home Audio Video Systems

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DVD discs were once on the cutting edge of home theater technology, but advanced releases of Blu-Ray discs, 4K ultra discs, and streaming media have made DVDs feel more obsolete. If you have a collection of DVDs or a premium DVD player, you do not need to let the technology go to waste.

As you upgrade and plan out AV systems for your home, consider ways to adapt the use of DVD players and create a unique environment for the devices. With a professional set-up and installation, you could find years of use from the DVD players.

1. Alternate Areas

A home theater system can naturally integrate into a smart home, but you may have areas where your internet connection and Wi-Fi don't quite reach. In those areas, you can take advantage of a DVD player which does not need internet access. For example, you may have a workout area in a garage.

Hook up a DVD player to watch movies and television shows while you work out. A professional can help connect surround sound up in the area and improve the sound quality while you watch. Along with a garage, you may also consider a DVD player in a pool house or outdoor gazebo with poor internet connections.

2. Sound Options

AV professionals can integrate a DVD player into your home's sound system. A DVD player can easily play audio CDs or DVDs with digital audio files. Instead of playing movies through the player, turn the device into an audio-only device. Music can play on a loop and a universal remote allows you to easily control tracks along with the sound system.

DVD players with HDMI connections can provide high-quality sound and allow you to get a lot of use out of your physical audio collection.

3. Looping Content

Along with the main television, AV services could set up supplemental televisions to run alternate looping content. You could purchase a DVD that runs things on a loop like scenic animations or a fireplace. You could create a custom DVD with a large collection of personal photos. When played through a DVD player, the disc will loop through each picture.

The looping content can add a nice visual to your home and create different scenes without the need to take up your main television. An AV tech can help you program smart remotes to turn on smaller televisions and DVD players with the press of a single button.

Plan out an audio-video system that still takes advantage of DVD players and gives you the opportunity to make resourceful use of your media. 

For more info about AV systems, contact a local company.