3 Ways To Use A/V Services To Enhance School Fundraisers

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School fundraisers are essential for raising money for classrooms, field trips, and other direct needs for the students. If you are planning a school fundraiser event, then you want to impress crowds and try to raise as much money as possible. One way to improve the event's success is with A/V services. Learn how an A/V company can help improve your fundraisers and make a difference in the way you raise money for the school.

1. Audio Services

School events can be loud and noisy, especially when a lot of kids attend. The use of audio services will allow you to use microphones and other forms of audio to get messages out to large crowds. You can share vital information about fundraisers, draw attention to certain causes, and help keep an event organized with proper audio. A/V services can set up audio equipment at both indoor and outdoor locations, so you are not limited to certain areas to host your fundraising events. The audio setup will provide proper sound so everyone in the area can easily hear the content.

2. Multiple Video Screens

Videos can have a big impact on the way a fundraiser reaches individuals and adds encouragement for a cause. For example, if a class is trying to build up funds for a trip to New York City, then you could use video screens to show clips and pictures of some of the places the students would visit on the trip. An A/V company can provide multiple video screens for a fundraiser. Video screen installations can occur up against walls or on individual stands. If you host a fundraiser raffle, then you have the opportunity to showcase the prizes through the video screen. Video screens are ideal for stats and information as well. For example, if you're trying to raise classroom funds, then the video screen can showcase where the dollars will go and what is needed in each classroom. Video screens can run on a loop, hook into sound systems, or have custom settings for your personal preferences.

3. Lighting

Use professional lighting to enhance a school fundraiser event. For example, if someone is speaking, a simple spotlight will draw the attention of the room to the person. If you host a basket raffle fundraiser, then smaller lights can shine on baskets and items for the fundraiser. The little details of the lighting will make a big difference and help draw attention to specific aspects of the fundraiser. 

Consult with an A/V company to see what options you have to make a difference at school events.