Tips For Getting The Best Quality During Your Live Stream

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Are you venturing into the world of live streaming, but not satisfied with the quality that your viewers are getting? If so, these tips can help ensure that you are doing everything you can to get the highest quality stream.

Use A Second Computer

Streaming video can be very resource-intensive, which is due to your computer doing all of the work involved with adding a graphical overlay, compressing the video in real-time, and uploading it to your viewers. If your computer is bogged down because of other things you are trying to do as part of your stream, then it may be time to upgrade your equipment by getting a second computer to just handle the streaming component of your broadcast.

Increase Your Bitrate 

It's possible that your streaming software is capping the bitrate of the video you produce when you are capable of producing video that is much higher quality. Take a look at what your streaming video settings are and verify that your Internet can handle the bitrate that you are broadcasting at. 

There are online speed tests that can calculate your throughput of how much data your computer sends on average through your connection. Consider making your bitrate about 10% less than what maximum output is. This will ensure that your stream won't get bogged down by your Internet sending too much data and still give you some bandwidth for if you need to do other activities during your stream.

Increase Your Internet Speeds

If you have high-end equipment and are capable of producing a high-quality stream, it may be your Internet speeds that are the bottleneck. Coaxial cable Internet connections are typically limited to upload speeds around 25 Mbps, but fiber-based Internet often allows for much faster speeds. Consider making the switch to a different ISP that can give you the speeds you need. 

Upgrade Your Camera

Having the best computer and Internet speeds possible will not make a difference if you do not have the right camera for the job. Chances are that the camera built into your monitor is not that high quality, and you are capable of uploading video that is 1080p or 4K to your viewers. A camera upgrade is going to cause your stream to look significantly better and potentially be more attractive to viewers. Nobody really wants to watch a stream that looks low quality, and the camera you use can make a huge difference.

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